Steak Selection

8 oz Filet Mignon
known as the ‘millionaires cut.’ this is the most succulent and tender, melt in the mouth cut of beef

10 oz New York Striploin
a substantial cut for the strong appetite; perfect to sink your teeth into

12 oz Ribeye
with its excellent marbling, this savory cut is loaded with flavor and remains tender during cooking

14 oz Kansas
such a tender cut it would only be wrong not to enjoy at your earliest opportunity

16 oz Blackened Ribeye
our largest cut, this bone in masterpiece will satiate your appetite

CAB quality statement (Certified Angus Beef)

Abundantly flavorful, incredibly tender, naturally juicy.  CAB is angus beef at its best.  While there are many brands of beef, only one carries the guarantee of CAB.  Exceptional flavour, tenderness and juiciness; A cut above all others.

Indulge your taste buds today.

*an 18% gratuity will be added to groups of eight or more*