Rodizio Hours

Monday to Thursday

Begins at 4:30pm

Friday to Sunday

Begins at 4:00pm

History of Rodizio

Dating back hundreds of years ago in Brazil, the Rodizio found its roots around the campfires of gauchos (Brazilian cowboys) where the common meal, enjoyed after a long day, consisted of skewers of meat cooked over an open fire and passed from man to man to enjoy. This tradition has continued over the years and has made its way to restaurants such as Saboroso where our gauchos move from table to table, from guest to guest carving succulent meats which have been cooked over charcoal by our grill master.

The communal form of dining was important in the life of the gaucho and is part of our dining here at Saboroso where the guests gather at the common table to choose their side dishes. Here you will find traditional dishes such as feijoada, a traditional stew of beans with pork, as well as crispy polenta, golden cubes of flash fried corn meal. Side by side with these dishes are healthy and familiar salads like quinoa with corn, pasta salad with crab, and black bean with corn, as well as build-your-own salad options. Be sure to try some of the chimichurri dressing, a delicious topping for the rodizio made fresh daily from fresh Italian parsley, red wine vinegar and seasoning. Then, return to your table to be engaged by the staff and fellow diners.


Our signature style of dining with Gaucho carved endless cuts of meat at the table and endless access to the common table

the classic churrascaria top sirloin cap, a staple at a Brazilian Steakhouse

Bacon Wrapped Steak 
tender medallions wrapped in crispy bacon

Bacon Wrapped Chicken 
moist dark meat envelloped in crispy bacon

Lemon Herb Veal 
the most tender beef delicately spiced and perfectly cooked

Cajun Sirloin
a wonderful hint of spice to accompany wonderfully marbled beef

Chicken Drumsticks
delicately cooked and layered with our jerk sauce

Linguica Sausage 
pork and beef sausages made with our butchers’ own recipe, seasoned with paprika and garlic

Pork Loin 
cooked to perfection and drizzled with parmesan sauce and sprinkled with minced bacon

Chimichurri Steak
a classic cut of beef marinated in Saboroso’s signature chimichurri sauce

Leg of lamb
boneless leg of lamb rubbed with rosemary and finished with a mint soy jus

Chicken Thighs
glazed with hickory whiskey bbq sauce

whole roasted pineapple with a delicious hint of cinnamon and brown sugar